The Writing of Vytautas Iskeliunas


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Missionary Positions - screenplay

Osama is gone! Take another look all you people who said this was "too sensitive." Don't be afraid...LAUGH! Desperate times gave birth to desperate individuals. This is a courageous/timely/humorous look at an historical era. Ultimately the good guys(everyday citizens, victims)win in the end. Stand up to terrorists - LAUGH AT THEM! An Airplane flavored look at politics/terrorism/duty.


P.Y.B. 21st Century Circe  - screenplay based on Vyt's book.

Is she a goddess, demon, hallucination, or the girl down the street? Love or illusion? A romance mired by murder, lust, revenge, and altered D.N.A. A young man encounters his first true love on a nightly stroll changing his world forever. Blood; a 30's gumshoe; romance; an incarcerated psychic; and, a small, twisted dose of comedy.


Rytas (Morning) - screenplay

20th Century Lithuania was reduced to scorched books; art; and souls. A revolution was televised... and no one watched. The Nazis and Communists tore apart Europe like two ravenous dogs fighting over a bone - little remained but hope. This is the story of a country and, particularly, one man's struggle to rise above the ashes. Events lead to the Soviets trying to quell Lithuania's declaration of independence under the foot of Gorbachev("Man of the Year").


For Real -  Television pilot

Really? Television viewers are given a chance to become reality show creators. Cash in on the reality and game show craze at the same time. A chance for anyone to become the next reality show genius. Not only a new show, but a potential unlimited source for future reality shows. Television viewers are given a chance to become reality show creators.


I Got a Feeling - Television pilot


Feel It? A comedic lead role suited for a mature female actress. Bonnie Hunt, Kirstie Alley, or contemporaries. Larger than a medium and funnier than a mentalist. Aurora LaMond; a flamboyant psychic and her multicultural support team, work their magic in cities throughout the U.S. Theme music could be Beatles, or Black Eyed Peas, song of same title.


Background Info

Vytautas (a.k.a. Vito) was born in 1954 to a Lithuanian family in Paterson, NJ. Vito draws much of his creativity/humor from the struggles and cultural shock his immigrant family experienced.

Some works:
Rytas (Morning)
A revealing look at the mostly unknown culture and history of Lithuania

P.Y.B...21st Century Circe
Format: Novel & Screenplay; published by Vantage Press; ISBN: 0-533-15130-9.
Twisted Suspense/Thriller

Missionary Positions
Format: Screenplay
A comedy about terrorists and politicians

I Got A Feeling
Format: Teleplay
Television comedy pilot about a traveling psychic and her strange crew.

The Big Job
Format: Short comedy/play about employment interviews and the charade they have become.

Poem selected and published in "The Colors of Life," a 2003 International Library of Poetry collection.

On The Way Back
1978 A short film about death and redemption written and
directed by Vytautas Iskeliunas . Chosen to be produced by
Cinematography classes at New Jersey City University

Forty Films Project, New Jersey City University
1978 Criminal and Justice Department, Written and Directed by Vytautas Iskeliunas. Remainder of Forty Films, short films highlighting each department of the university, written by Vytautas Iskeliunas.

Some projects now in the works:

Comedy screenplay concerning suburban racism.

50 Fity
(Yes, the word is fity, not fifty.)
A novel concerning a couple of baby boomers traveling around the U.S.A., attempting to relive the sixties. Grown men having fun with a few surprises for everyone they meet.